Matryoshka by Maison Dellos is a stylish two-storied restaurant of Russian cuisine on the Moskva River embankment. The restaurant design is inspired by the 1920s, the era of so-called «industrial palaces» popular in London and New York back then. The interior of Matryoshka harmoniously combines modern fashion trends, elements of antiquity and industrial motives: antique pharmacy-bar found in a private collection in Paris; custom-made cast-iron stairs and handrails; lamps and aged tiles; an antique fireplace and boiserie; large panoramic windows with views over the embankment and an open kitchen.

The kitchen of the restaurant is supervised by a talented Brand Chef, well known culinary writer and TV presenter Vlad Piskunov. The menu is centred around the best produce from across Russia. «Local Russian produce, Russian cuisine and interior of the late XIX – early XX century served as an inspiration for creating the menu. The end of the XIX century is the Вelle Epoque of Russian gastronomy, my favourite epoch. Neither before, nor after did Russian cuisine present us such interesting solutions as those blessed 3-4 decades. At the same time, it is a modern cuisine which is also relevant today»
Matryoshka is featured in Forbes top most successful restaurants in Moscow.

The restaurant is highlighted in the 12 forward by White Guide.

Gault Millau: «It features a hospitable and informal atmosphere, attentive service, and Russian gastronomic cuisine.»