Welcome cocktail by Chief Vlad Piskunov

August special offer! When booking a table in our restaurant, each guest receives a compliment from the  chef Vlad Piskunov – the original summer cocktail “Old Lady Larina” made of cowberry water, inspired by lines from the well-known novel by A.S. Pushkin “Eugene Onegin”:

Now home’s our heroes’ destination,
As down the shortest road they fly;
Let’s listen to their conversation
And use a furtive ear to spy.
‘Why all these yawns, Onegin? Really!’
‘Mere habit, Lensky.’—’But you’re clearly
More bored than usual.’—’No, the same.
The fields are dark now, what a shame.
Come on, Andryushka, faster, matey!
These stupid woods and fields and streams!
Oh, by the way, Dame Larin seems
A simple but a nice old lady;
I fear that lingonberry brew
May do me in before it’s through.’

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